Sushi Bar Rashai is using only the finest ingredients.



We offer a wide selection of Authetic Japanese food. Our specialty is sushi—soft rice and a filling wrapped in nori seaweed. Made fresh on site every day.

The menu has six themes: salad, sushi & sashimi, teriyaki, noodles, hot pot, combo deal. Our sole aim is to create an enjoyable experience and to open up endless possibilities that RASHAI has to offer.

Everyday we offer special TODAY’S CHEFS SUGGESTION.

Our Best Menu – Party Sashimi, Sush & Sashimi Combination, OZ Roll, Vegetailian Roll, Crazy Salmon, Party Sushi & Sashimi, No Name Roll, Sashimi, Spider Roll, Dynamic Roll, Salmon California, Rainbow Roll.

* Rashai Menu and price: click image to enlarge

Address. 241 Parramatta Road Annandale, NSW 2038, Sydney      Tel. 02-9560-3007      Email.
Licenced or B.Y.O.(Wine Only) / Take away service

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